We focus on your contract administration and back office support so you can focus on your business.

At The Limato Group, we specialize in simplifying, managing and improving the way your security business operates by tackling two time-intensive and resource-heavy areas: contract administration and back office support.

It is our belief that by improving these business-critical functions, your security company can refocus your resources where they matter most – your contracts and your clients.

We’ve developed a three-step approach to meet these needs head-on. By uniting your technologies, processes and people, we can provide a variety of key benefits to your bottom line.


The Limato Group holds over a decade of experience in security and security software companies, so we’ve got the qualifications needed to help support your business. We’ve been on your side of operations before, we know the unique challenges you face and the best ways to overcome them.

Do you remember that technology we mentioned in our three-step approach? We’re referring to WinTeam, the premier software solution made to bring together a security company’s financial, operations and workforce management needs.

Our team members have worked for WinTeam, for companies using WinTeam and have provided outsourced support services to WinTeam clients over the last 10 years.

We have led implementations and contract transitions, re-engineered client’s business processes to optimize efficiency and reduce errors, and maintained the ongoing operations of WinTeam for a variety of clients.

We have managed access controls and performed back office services for clients in the areas of logistics, training and credentialing tracking, benefits, scheduling, payroll, receivables, payables, and general ledger.

We’re ready to take on your business needs, now.