Business Process and Back Office Support Services

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When you choose The Limato Group, Inc. to help support your business, you get more than just tasks completed accurately and on time. Because we partner with you and learn about your business, you also benefit from the analysis and insights we provide. You know your data and information as we know it, and we can walk you through key metrics and data analytics with regular touchpoints. This helps you manage your contracts, identify opportunities for improvement and reward outstanding performance. 

Contracts Administration Support Services

01. Hours Management
  • Review worked hours against Post Exhibits and authorized Funded Hours to highlight and correct discrepancies, thereby reducing invoicing and payroll issues.
  • Highlight Open Post Hours, Lost Hours due to Post Closings, and Relief and Guard Mount Utilization.
02. Logistics/Inventory
  • Utilizes the Inventory, Equipment Tracker and Fixed Assets functions in WinTeam to track firearms, government furnished equipment, uniforms and other important assets for proper reporting and risk management.
  • Track larger assets to generate monthly depreciation entries.
  • Complete monthly physical counts of all inventory to assure updated and accurate information.
  • Enter and maintain all data.
03. Compliance Tracking
  • Utilizes the Compliance Tracker function in WinTeam to track licensing, training, security clearances and other items required to report for all officers.
  • Generate alerts for upcoming trainings and late requirements to reduce risk and ensure timely completion.
  • Advance tracking allows for reduction in overtime costs and penalties due to staffing unqualified officers.
04. New Contract Administration/WinTeam Systems Support
  • Provide surge support for new contract transitions, including project management, system configuration, and entry of data.
  • Manage user security and access to ensure data security.
  • Create and maintain specialized data queries to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • Assist with small projects, such as implementation of Electronic Timekeeping (ETK), use of the Quality Assurance function, and others.
05. Special Services
  • In addition to the services listed, The Limato Group offers customized consulting services in several areas.  We can evaluate current processes and recommend improvements, assist with implementation of specific functionality, or offer other surge support or specialized assistance.  Please reach out with your request.  We’d love to help!

Back Office Support Services

01. Insurance Benefits Administration
  • Utilizes Insurance Benefits function in WinTeam and online enrollment in eHub (online portal).
  • Captures employees’ benefit elections for new hire and open enrollment, QLE’s, and other events.
  • Benefit elections are completed online instead of paper, significantly increasing efficiency.
  • Allows for the weekly transmission of data for new hires, terminations, and QLE changes to insurance companies to more effectively manage premium costs.
  • Creates records of data transmission to carriers for future reference and dispute resolutions.
  • Interfaces to payroll module to facilitate more accurate payroll deductions and audits of monthly premium statements.
  • Includes system configuration, oversight of open enrollments, weekly/monthly system administration tasks, and annual 1095C/IRS reporting.
02. Payroll
  • Utilizes Payroll function in WinTeam.
  • Track and enter employee compensation and deductions, including systematized tracking/calculations for Health & Welfare, 401k/Pension amounts.
  • Process full payroll to generate payroll checks for employees, giving employers clear insight into all payroll costs.
    • Includes updates to sick and vacation benefit balances for accurate representation on pay stubs, satisfying Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) requirements.
  • Maintain payroll tax data, including updates to unemployment rates.
  • Create annual updates for wage increases, Health & Welfare, and 401k/Pension rates.
  • Create annual W2 forms.
  • Generate necessary reports.
  • Complete monthly Touchpoint.
03. Receivables
  • Utilizes Accounts Receivable function in WinTeam to complete monthly customer invoicing cycles and fiscal period close.
  • Enter and maintain system configuration for customer and contract data.
  • Create client Invoices.
  • Send invoices after review and approval.
  • Complete monthly reconciliations for controls and tracking.
04. Payables
  • Utilizes the Accounts Payable function in WinTeam to complete vendor billing, payments, and fiscal period close.
  • Enter and maintain system configuration for vendor data.
  • Enter Invoice receipts, including validating Purchase Orders against invoices.
  • Create payments.
  • Create annual 1099 forms.
  • Complete monthly credit card reconciliations and other fiscal period close activities.
05. General Ledger
  • Utilizes the General Ledger function in WinTeam for general accounting needs.
  • Maintain Chart of Accounts, financial formats and job costing formats.
  • Complete monthly Fiscal Period Close process including reconciliations, accruals, reclasses, and reallocations.
  • Generate monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports, including trend analysis.

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